URDTT – Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions – Free Training Video Series

Introducing the Trade Advisory URDTT Training Series

Welcome to our series of free, educational videos on ICC’s Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions (URDTT).

There will be six episodes in total covering all aspects of the development, interpretation and application of URDTT in the context of a digital trade strategy. Topics covered will include definitions and a background to the introduction of URDTT, and the use of electronic records, payment obligations and the role of banks/non-bank financial service providers.

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Episode 1 – An introduction to URDTT

This first episode focuses on the background to the decision to create a new set of rules for detail trade transactions and provides definitions of the some of the most important terms.

Episode 2 – The Fundamental Elements Central to the Function of  URDTT

In this episode we provide a high-level overview of the two fundamental elements that are central to the function of URDTT: the Payment Obligation and the FSP Payment Undertaking. We also consider the position of URDTT relative to other ICC rules and also relative to ITFA’s  digital negotiable instrument initiative (DNI) and UNCITRAL’s Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records (MLETR).

Episode 3 – An Introduction to the Parties involved in a DTT

 In this session we look at the parties involved in a Digital Trade Transation (DTT). We start with the principal parties – the seller and the buyer – and then move on to the financial services provider, and finally cover any other parties that might be involved.

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