John @ ICC Supply Chain Finance Summit, Singapore & Lionel @ RFIx, Lisbon

Trade Advisory Network will be key contributors at upcoming events:

ICC Supply Chain Finance Summit – John Bugeja is delighted to have been invited to speak at the Summit.
Receivables Finance International – Lionel Taylor will be co hosting three SCF workshops at the event.

ICC Supply Chain Finance Summit, Singapore, 9th – 10th March, 2016

This year’s summit will focus on various topics like supply chain and financing in Asia, global growth of the SCF, importance of SMEs and strategic suppliers and many more.

John Bugeja from Trade Advisory Network is delighted to have been invited to speak at the ICC Supply Chain Financing Summit. Buegeja says “Its great to have resumed my keen interest in the development of the BPO by accepting an invitation to join the BPO Commercialisation Group. Though adoption of the BPO remains stubbornly low, I believe that, with some well-directed repositioning and perhaps further development, the instrument has the potential to meet a definable need amongst companies looking to grow their cross-border trade.”

Receivables Finance International, Lisbon, Portugal, 9th – 10th March, 2016

Trade Advisory Network will be joining over 150 receivables finance industry experts, government agencies, financiers, ‘Fintechs’ and alternative platforms, banks, insurers and corporates. They are coming together at the 16th annual Receivables Finance International Convention (‘RFIx’) to identify new opportunities and develop business relationships.

RFIx 2016 focusses on the impact of new entrants, regulation and compliance, fraud, securitisation, ABL, IFRS and much more.

Lionel Taylor will be co hosting three workshops at the event:

Introduction to Supply Chain Finance, Implementing successful approved payables finance programmes and Where is the world of SCF heading?

He will be in Lisbon for two days and would welcome anyone who would like to meet during the conference.

If you would like any further information or be interested in meeting Trade Advisory Network at either conference or want to discuss further then please get in touch.

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