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China – Trade and Commodity Finance Conference

Boosting Finance Options in China is a hot topic right now and  current headlines shout about China not meeting its growth targets and how this down turn will impact the global economy and most recently the impact on commodities, specifically steel. 

We find ourselves now in a period of deleveraging and credit restriction, where businesses are frustrated by lack of access to capital of all kinds. Some say China’s growth will depend on companies being able to access the finance they need to invest and grow. Suggestions are that different and a longer-term approach to this problem is needed, one that harnesses the positive qualities of the trade finance sector.  

So what can be done to help service these SME’s in China? Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programmes tend to be geared to the major western corporates looking to fund SCF and include its suppliers in the developing world, so are the suppliers really being protected; how can they be helped?   
If you would like to find out more about this topic then why not join me on November 24 when I will be chairing the GTR, China Trade and Commodity Finance Conference which is returning for their 5th year, the 2015 conference will once again provide the only forum for discussion and debate between leading figures from China’s trade and commodity finance community.

Senior decision-makers from across the country’s business, government and financial sectors will examine the current state of Chinese exports at this focused one-day event, with strong emphasis to be placed on the need for greater engagement between exporting and importing companies and those tasked with financing them.

If you would be interested in meeting me at the conference or want to discuss further then please get in touch. 

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