Supply Chain Finance E-Learning Professional Certification for ICC Academy

ICC Certification Trade Finance Professional


ICC wanted to develop training on Supply Chain Finance (SCF) which would form a core section of the ICC Academy Certified Trade Finance Professionals (CTFP) programme.


The principal challenge for Trade Advisory Network was to develop an online training course for trade finance professionals to improve their understanding of Supply Chain Finance. An introduction to this subject had already been delivered so an advanced course was required.


Trade Advisory Network built an online training course to establish an appreciation of the key parties and events in the physical supply chain:

Recognising the needs of buyers and sellers

  • Risk mitigation
  • Funding and liquidity management
  • Settlement Balance sheet management
  • Balance sheet management

Trade Cycle Analysis

  • Identifying physical events and evaluating/quantifying financial consequences
  • Validating client needs

Supply chain finance solutions

  • Review of key products (using ICC Definitions)
  • Practical application of products to meet validated client needs
  • Key considerations on the provision of supply chain finance

Innovation in supply chain finance

  • Review of the latest developments

The ICC Academy launched the Certified Trade Finance Professionals (CTFP) programme in October 2016 and the Supply Chain Finance subject forms part of the core subject within this programme. Find out more.

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