Maritime Connects is a new initiative designed to increase trade between the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth. It has been established to help drive economic growth in the UK and the Commonwealth’s 52 member countries, representing one third of the world’s population and combined GDP of $10.4 trillion.


The initiative was developed by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council and has been designed to bring companies from across the Commonwealth together on a members-only digital platform. The platform enables companies to identify and network with potential new customers, suppliers and partners across key global sectors including professional and financial services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Trade Advisory Network was challenged to become a trusted partner and a member of Maritime Connects.

How We Helped

We provide advisory services to companies registered on the platform to help them to structure and execute the optimum financing solution to support their international trade. By analysing a company’s contract terms and trade cycle, we identify the financial consequences of the key events in the physical supply chain. These consequences generally fall into three categories: risk, funding/liquidity and settlement.

This process provides a level of clarity and transparency that is essential to any finance and risk mitigation solution. Indeed, the outcome of our trade cycle analysis will often highlight inherent flaws in the contractual arrangements which should be addressed before a financing solution is considered.

If required, we will prepare a finance proposal that can be delivered to the company’s existing bank or to an alternative finance provider. Through our extensive network of trade and supply chain specialists in banks and non-bank funders across the world, we can introduce other finance providers as appropriate. The proposal that we produce for a company will be well-balanced, with risks funding requirements clearly identified. Our proposed solution will specify appropriate products and will demonstrate how certain risks can be mitigated. In the interests of transparency, any residual risks that cannot be mitigated will be identified so the potential finance provider has a sound basis on which to make a credit decision with the benefit of independent, expert analysis.

We look forward to working with corporates from the UK and from every other Commonwealth country and also with finance providers, technology service providers and other commercial partners offering complementary services.

For further information on the platform visit and to read the press pack read here.