Trade Finance Strategic Advisory for Startup Bank

Startup Bank


The CEO designate of a new bank aimed at supporting SMEs wished to assemble a team of professional advisors to support the application process for a banking licence with the Regulators.

Recognising that specialist support was required to produce the product, credit and operating model strategy for the planned trade and supply chain finance activities, Trade Advisory Network was appointed as subject matter experts to work with the CEO designate and other advisors.


The challenge was to produce the detailed product, credit and operations plans for the SME financing solutions. This required the detail and future proofing to meet the expectations of the Regulators, and for TAN to join subsequent meetings with them as part of the submission process.


Trade Advisory Network oversaw applications, drawing up detailed product plans for the offerings that the client was going to put forward as a bank, addressing the credit policies that they would have.

TAN created the submissions to regulators, and as subject experts were in key meetings offering support and insights on behalf of the client.

Moreover, TAN was then retained to assist in the mobilisation of the bank itself, working with the management and project teams on the implementation of the marketing, sales and operating models for SME financing to achieve a go to market.

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