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Implementation of Supply Chain Finance


A fast-growth specialist Fintech company already servicing SMEs sought to extend its proposition into Supply Chain Finance (SCF).


The principal challenge for the firm was that despite a close knowledge of the requirements of its target audience, SCF was an entirely new area of business for them and no product knowledge or experience existed in-house.

As with other areas of the business, the owners and their investors considered that it was imperative to establish this extended product line with an aggressive growth trajectory. The directors recognised that external support would be critical in not only designing the proposition but also establishing an operating model that would cater for a streamlined approach without creating major portfolio risks.

How We Helped

Working with the main board directors, we took a holistic approach to the challenges facing the business and advised on the establishment of the main pillars to support the business model. These included legal and credit insurance and the design of a target operating model.

In addition, we assisted in the organisational design and recruitment of a team to launch and take the business forward. Our role included supporting the firm to develop and implement their business model as well as acting as a mentor for the key managers. Due to the nature of the assignment and the gap in product knowledge at client level, it was important to maintain a hands-on approach in respect of risk and controls. The expertise that we have brought to the organisation has also resulted in additional peace of mind for external investors.

The client valued our input in the formation stage so greatly that they have retained us on an ongoing basis in respect of mentoring and portfolio control.

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