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Past Events

2nd MENA SCF 2023 Conference, Dubai – 7-8 November 2023

Both Lionel Taylor and John Bugeja took part in the 2023 MENA Supply Chain Conference with Lionel chairing the second day of the event, and John moderating the panel session: Supporting a key enabler for SCF and factoring – partnerships between banks and fintechs.

The MENA SCF forum is an essential annual SCF industry event for everyone involved or interested in MENA receivables and payables finance and keen to learn about the current state of the new framework of SCF in the MENA region. This  includes developments after the introduction of the Factoring Law (Federal Decree Law No. 16) of 2021.  See the full programme

GTR Turkey 2023 – 11 October 2023

Lionel Taylor spoke on a panel at GTR Turkey focusing on the topic: Turkish leadership in alternative finance. Lionel provided a global perspective on how other countries have embraced non-bank finance and how such companies have pushed boundaries which has led to the banks taking a more forward looking perspective on innovation, etc. 

GTR Turkey is the leading trade and export financing event in the country, bringing corporates, financiers and investors involved in Turkish trade together for a one-day event featuring the latest and most forward-thinking market insights. See the full programme.

9th Annual Supply Chain Finance Summit, Madrid – 24- 25 January 2023

John Bugeja and Lional Taylor took part in the 9th Annual Supply Chain Finance Summit, an event that focused on the challenges of creating resilient, sustainable and harmonised payables finance solutions. The discussions focused around ESG, digitalisation and blockchain, developments poised to aid reduction of the USD1.7tn trade finance gap.  Learn more.

Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum, London – 23-24 November 2022

Has AltFi gone from ‘avant garde to mainstream’? This was the question we sought to answer at this event. On the first day of the event John Bugeja chaired a panel session discussing ‘The impact of regulatory regimes on alternative and receivables finance’ while Lionel Taylor took the chair for the second day.

The event was a timely opportunity for receivables finance providers and alternative SME funders to identify openings in this new trade era, address the choices SMEs are making to fill financial gaps and learn from the top industry players ways in which the alternative and receivables finance sector is developing after the pandemic and responding to the global geo-political and macroeconomic environment. Learn more.

MENA Supply Chain Finance 2022, Dubai – 28-29 November 2022

Both John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor were at MENA in Dubai, with John chairing events on day one, and both moderating panels. The conference focus for 2022 year was to examine the impact of recent law changes in the region, and the opportunities for the development and growth of factoring and supply chain finance. Learn more.

48th ITFA Annual International Trade and Forfaiting Conference, 7-9 September 2022, Porto

John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor attended this important and informative conference covering the digitization of trade and supply chain finance. It was also a great opportunity to network and catch up with other experts in the industry. Learn more.

WOA’s Innovation Briefing on Supply Chain Futures Webinar – 19 October 2022

With the situation in Ukraine, the impact of sanctions and the disruption of energy supply markets at the fore of thinking, John Bugeja took part in a panel discussion addressing the issues and implications of supply chain vulnerability in this challenging and volatile time. You can watch the replay here.

RFIx 2022 – BCR’s 22nd annual Receivables Finance International Convention – 26-27 May 2022, London.

John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor moderated sessions at RFIx’22, the global receivables finance sector’s premier event. John moderated a session discussing ‘Legal and regulatory challenges updates’, while Lionel moderated a session covering ‘Securitisation market dynamics post-pandemic’. Learn more.

Consortia 2021 – 19–20 October 2021

BCR’s annual Consortia returned to debate better ways to deliver your blockchain enabled trade and receivables finance promise to clients in the “new normal”.

John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor chaired the two-day event covering themes such as ‘Facing the Big Challenges’, ‘Technology Development’, ‘Commercialisation’ and ‘Market Developments in Asia’. Learn more.

47th ITFA Conference – 6–8 October 2021

Both John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor were delighted to moderate two of the Fintech morning sessions at the 47th annual IFTA conference live in Bristol. Lionel moderated a session asking: ‘How can negotiable instruments go digital? How are major vendors embracing e-documents?’, while  John moderated a session entitled: ‘The future of trade ecosystems, networks and rulebooks – how are banks embracing them? Learn more.

The Economic Times (India) SCM Virtual Summit – 25 June 2021

John Bugeja delivered the closing keynote speech of this one-day virtual event exploring the world of innovation that promises to transform the supply chain domain. Learn more.

GTR UK – Virtual – 29-30 June 2021

Lionel Taylor moderated at the GTR UK 2021, a 2-day virtual event. With the ongoing impact of Covid on supply chains and the realities of Brexit starting to hit home, the event came at a key time for UK trade. Learn more.

International Open Account Trade Finance Webinar – 25 May 2021

Lionel Taylor presented in a WOA thought leadership discussion focusing on some of the key issues in the development and trends in International Receivables Finance today. The ambitious agenda looked at the impact and role of credit insurance, the digitisation of markets with a focus on AI and blockchain, the effect and sustainability of Government support interventions, as well as the lessons of Greensill to date and their implications for risk management post-covid. The webinar is available to view on the WoA website.

RFIx – Receivables Finance International Convention 2021 – 18th-20th May 2021

Lionel Taylor chaired at this event which provided an essential update on the latest invoice financing trends, market challenges and innovations.

RFIx 2021 took a deep dive into the impact of the pandemic and global geopolitics on market trends and risk. Attendees explored how practitioners can become fitter, leaner, and better in this new world through innovative product development, technology and new markets, and discover the new challenges around ESG, regulatory and legal issues.

For more information please visit the BCR website.

WOA | Digital Bills of Exchange in Open Account – 9 February 2021

Bills of exchange and promissory notes are moving digital, and in this webinar John Bugeja and fellow speakers Gunnar Collin (Enigio) and André Casterman (Casterman Advisory / WOA expert adviser) outlined how technology and legal frameworks are aligning in order for those irrevocable payment undertakings to go paperless, and how banks and non-bank originators finance SMEs. In the session attendees were updated on ways to leverage hybrid blockchain technology and integrate digital payment instruments in existing processes and systems. A replay of this web-meeting is available to all Premium WOA members

BCR Supply Chain Finance Summit, Amsterdam – 30th-31st January 2020

John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor both chaired and moderated the 5th annual Supply Chain Finance Summit which tracked the evolution of Supply Chain Finance (SCF), examining the future of technology-enabled supply chain models, and driving the conversation on increasing access of SCF for SMEs and emerging markets.

For more information please visit BCR website.

ACT Working Capital Conference 2019, 4th December 2019

Dedicated exclusively to this essential aspect of treasury, the ACT Working Capital Conference has established itself as a key meeting point for over 200 treasury and finance professionals to gather and discuss topical working capital issues that directly affect corporates and their supply chains.

For more information, please visit ACT website.

GTR Nordics 2019, Stockholm – 19th November 2019

GTR Nordics 2019 returned to Stockholm on November 19 with an attendance of over 450 of the region’s top trade finance experts, insurers, bankers, ECAs, technology innovators, government bodies and corporates of all sizes.

With the Nordic business community maintaining its position at the forefront of global innovation, 2018’s gathering provided the ideal forum to discuss the latest trends and strategic developments across key trade sectors, and their impact on trade and export financing requirements. Insight was provided on the impact of growing global protectionism on trade and the innovative business models developing across key exports sectors, from Volvo’s provision of ‘Equipment as a Service’ to the importance of Turkish EPC contractor Yapi Merkezi’s financial offering when bidding for large infrastructure contracts. The digitisation of trade and trade finance was highlighted as a fundamental requirement for future development, posing a challenge to the trade finance market’s incumbents.

For more information, please visit GTR website.

ICC Trade & Supply Chain Finance Conference, London – 14th November 2019

John Bugeja facilitated a panel Blockchain: a game-changer or a red herring? Will blockchain facilitate increased access to finance for SMEs or is it just a cost efficiency tool for finance providers? 

For more information, please visit ICC website.

BCR Supply Chain Summit – APAC, Singapore – 15th-16th October 2019

BCR’s Supply Chain Finance Summit – APAC in Singapore focused on the growth of supply chain finance across the APAC region. With local governments, international and regional banks; and investors all actively encouraging the development of local and cross-border SCF programmes, it is now, more than ever before, vital to review the latest developments in this market and understand how to capitalise on opportunities in this region.

For more information, please visit BCR website.

ACT Middle East Treasury Summit 2019 – 1st-2nd October 2019

The 2019 conference ran under the theme regional insights, global perspectives and created that perfect blend of local intelligence from those in the region and global perspectives from our pool of international speakers.

2019 conference topics included:

  • Beyond the GCC: tapping into Africa, Egypt and Turkey
  • The latest technology and innovations shaping payments
  • Regional free trade zones and tax implications
  • Working capital management
  • Global markets and trends
  • New approaches to (re-)financing
  • Fintech for treasurers
  • Regulatory changes to watch out for

For more information, please visit the ACT website.

GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week, Singapore – 4th-5th September 2018

Global Trade Review returned to Singapore for its annual Asia Trade Week conference, bringing together over 1,000 delegates to discuss the trade and supply chain finance challenges and opportunities prevalent in the region. The conference is one of the largest of its kind, bringing in representatives from over 450 different companies from SMEs to major corporate banks.

Topics included the technology developments where Singapore is looking to play its part in being the hub and cooperation centre, FinTech, risk mitigation and new up and coming hotspots in the region.

For more information, please visit the GTR website. 

BCR Supply Chain Finance Summit- APAC, Singapore – 3rd- 4th October 2018

Both John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor of Trade Advisory Network spoke at the Supply Chain Finance Summit- APAC. Trade Advisory Network were the knowledge partner for this event, with Lionel chairing the first day of the conference.

The theme of the 2018 event was ‘Evaluating the Supply Chain Finance opportunity in Asia’, exploring how the region has become core hub for international supply chains, and how this region is a leading innovator in across the sector. John Bugeja spoke about the digitisation of the supply chain, along with other thought leaders across this sector from major banking corporations, SMEs and Fintech’s.

For more information, please visit the BCR website.

BCR Supply Chain Masterclass, London – 16th October 2018

Trade Advisory Network ran the BCR Supply Chain Masterclass in London. The event was set to be a comprehensive and advanced workshop across key factors of Supply Chain Finance and was a good introduction to many of the topics covered in the ICC Academy and LIBF professional supply chain finance qualifications previously authored by Lionel Taylor and John Bugeja. It set to cover the financial advantages for buyers and suppliers, as well as looking at the decision-making factors for banks.

The workshop ultimately planned to demonstrate how to unlock liquidity from Supply Chain Finance. For more information, please visit the BCR website.

BCR Supply Chain Finance Forum, London – 17th October 2018

Trade Advisory Network attended BCR’s Supply Chain Finance Forum in London. The forum focused on untapped markets in Supply Chain Finance, namely the mid-cap buyers. The forum also looked at opportunities with Asian markets and other arbitrage opportunities.

With speakers from some of the largest consulting groups, financial advisors and legal experts, it was an insightful day. For more information, please visit the BCR website.

ICC UK Trade and Supply Chain Finance Conference, London – 15 November 2018

John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor of Trade Advisory Network attended the ICC UK Trade and Supply Chain Finance Conference in London. Working with the ICC on this event, Trade Advisory Network put together a panel of senior executives to discuss the ‘democratization of finance’. John chaired the panel of founders and senior executives from across the financial sector.

The conference discussed how the solutions offered by both Trade and Supply Chain Finance bridge funding gaps in the supply chain.

GTR UK Trade and Export Finance Conference, London, 7th June 2018

Trade Advisory Network attended the GTR UK Trade and Export Finance Conference in London. The conference focused on the UK’s new trade position, and the need to identify new export markets for UK corporates. Delegates assessed the market opportunities with the commonwealth, as well as government involvement and where the future of the British Finance Sector lies.

With over 500 attendees in 2017, the conference was set to be a key event with over 250 companies from over 20 countries attending.

For more information, please visit the GTR website.

GTR Europe and Export Finance Conference, Paris, 22nd May 2018

John Bugeja of Trade Advisory Network attended the GTR Europe and Export Finance Conference in Paris on the 22nd May. John moderated a panel on how Europe’s supply chains are changing.

The event focused on how export and trade were changing across the region, with an ICC accredited programme. Global Trade Review is one of the leading publications in this sector, and is expecting over 200 delegates to attend the conference, with over 40 speakers.

For more information, please visit the GTR website.

TXF Trade & Treasury Conference, Amsterdam, 16th May 2018

Lionel Taylor of Trade Advisory Network attended the TXF Trade & Treasury Conference in Amsterdam. His core role was to moderate a panel focusing on ‘long tail’ suppliers, focusing on the impact of digitisation in their financing.

In 2017 over 400 executives from over 300 companies attended, and the expectation was for a similar result.

For more information, please visit the TXF website.

ICC Academy Supply Chain Finance Summit, Dubai, 9th -10th May 2018

Trade Advisory Network attended the SCF summit in Dubai. The summit focused on the future of supply chain finance in the area, as well as the development of Fintech and its impact on SME businesses across the GCC and beyond.

In addition to chairing both days of the conference, Trade Advisory Network launched, in association with the London Institute of Banking and Finance, an international qualification in Supply Chain Finance. The qualification enables executives to formally understand the intricacies of Supply Chain Finance, and reflects the increasing demand for SMEs to further their understanding of the subject matter.

For more information please visit the LIBF website.

For more information please visit the ICC Academy website.

GTR Asia Trade and Treasury Week, Singapore, 5th -7th September 2017

Trade Advisory Network partnered with GTR at the key Asia event. The event offered a first-class business environment based in the heart of Asian trade routes. Singapore is an ideal location in which to find top-level trade and treasury specialists and global business leaders.

Global Trade Review, bringing the trade and treasury community together for well over a decade, returned to Singapore on the 5th -7th of September for the award-winning conference series, GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week. Building on its world-renowned reputation as the largest and most popular trade finance gathering anywhere in the world, the conference provided an effective and impartial marketplace for all involved in trade, commodity and export finance, to gather for lively debate, networking and timely discussion.

Attendance figures were expected to exceed the 900 plus delegates of 2016’s event, making this an essential place to be for anyone involved in international trade and treasury.

For more information please visit the GTR website.

GTR UK Trade & Export Finance conference, London, 15th June, 2017

Trade Advisory Network partnered with GTR at the 2017 London UK Trade & Export Finance conference. The event was the UK’s leading gathering of trade and export finance professionals, business heads and trade experts.

Benefitting from established support from the UK’s leading trade associations and institutions, including UK Export Finance, British Exporters Association and the International Chamber of Commerce, this conference was a vital annual gathering at which all parties involved in international trade met and discussed their priorities for the future.

With discussions centred around the crucial role of trade and exports in growing the UK economy, senior figures from business and government took to the stage in a series of addresses and debates, with audience participation and networking at the forefront of proceedings.

For UK companies looking to enter international markets, source financing to grow their exports, or gain expertise from market peers, this was a key annual gathering where the right relationships will be made.

ICC SCF Summit, London, 3rd & 4th May 2017

Trade Advisory were key contributors at the London ICC SCF Summit on 3rd & 4th of May and the pre-summit workshop on 1st May. In its sixth edition, the Summit provided a unique opportunity to learn from experienced corporations and bankers about their visions and strategies in the new area of supply chain finance. Audiences were treated to insight and commentary on a wide range of issues: Developments in the Physical Supply Chain, Automating the Financial Supply Chain, compliance agenda in Supply Chain Finance, the role of credit insurance, ECAs and supra-nationals in facilitating Trade and Supply Chain Finance and more. The agenda was carefully designed to address topics that were globally important from Europe’s perspective. While the first day gave a comprehensive overview on the emerging issues, the second day was more focused on challenges in Europe.

BCR – RFIX Conference, London, 14th March 2017

Trade Advisory Network took part in the Sharpen Your Competitive Edge conference for BCR. The Receivables Finance conference ran a masterclass on Supply Chain Finance which John Bugeja hosted and took part in.
BCR Receivables Finance Masterclasses were structured to give market practitioners the tools to master the main components of receivables finance, as well as gain an understanding of the legal challenges and how to mitigate risk. The masterclass was an opportunity for attendees to have their questions answered by a panel of experts, as well as share in the expertise of their global peers. It was also an opportunity to establish a global network of contacts within the receivables finance industry. For further details please visit the website.

Euro Finance – Effective Finance & Treasury in Africa Conference, London, 9th March 2017

Trade Advisory Network was delighted to moderate a panel for Euro Finance, John Bugeja moderated the panel titled “Mind the Africa trade gap? Maybe not.”

The African Development Bank estimated the trade finance gap in Africa conservatively at $90 billion. Traditionally banks faced numerous constraints in meeting the demand for trade finance from limited US dollar availability to regulation compliance, high market access barriers, slow economic growth in some markets, and transparency around the credit-worthiness of contracting parties. As such a disproportionate share of bank-intermediated trade finance is on account of banks’ largest clients. Despite the challenges, the outlook from banks for trade and supply chain finance remains positive, with plans to establish a pan-African trade pact underway, as part of a broader effort to increase intra-regional trade within the continent. What are the banks’ views and will emerging technologies play their part? There is much hype around the potential of blockchain solutions and in the high documentation, low transparency arena of emerging markets, might these technologies find their strongest foothold? Against the backdrop of Africa’s “leapfrogging” digital revolution, what might happen?

For further details please visit the website.

ICC Supply Chain Finance Summit, Singapore, 2nd-3rd March 2017

Trade Advisory Network was delighted that we had been chosen to be key contributors at The ICC Supply Chain Finance Summit which is an annual meeting of CFOs, Corporate credit and risk managers, corporate treasurers, import managers and trade specialists, bankers, insurers, consultants and vendors, promoting the discussion and assessment of issues affecting supply chain finance.

TXF Singapore,Trade, Treasury & Commodity Finance, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, February 28th – March 1st 2017

Trade Advisory Network was delighted to attend and moderate a panel at the TXF conference. TXF returned to Singapore – a thriving city and a vibrant trading hub – for the second edition of their Trade, Treasury and Commodity Finance event. We moderated the panel “ is supply chain finance the answer for SMEs?” TXF’s corporate focus, relaxed atmosphere, social activities and small discussion groups create an environment that favours networking. In 2016 they were delighted to welcome a guest list of more than 68% corporates, a record they intended to emulate in 2017!

They have a team dedicated solely to trade and commodity finance, and they have conducted extensive research to make sure the conference covers the areas that matter most to you – whether it’s navigating the protracted Chinese economic slowdown and pricing slump, how to stay ahead of the regulatory curve, accessing new sources of financing, or protecting yourself against credit and political risk.

ICC Academy pre conference training workshop, Maxwell Chambers, Singapore, 1st March 2017

Trade Advisory Network was delighted to be chosen to provide a training workshop in preparation for the ICC Supply Chain Finance Summit being held the next day.

The workshop which was open to everyone enabled participants to:

  • Develop an appreciation of the key parties and events in the physical supply chain.
  • Gain an understanding of the financial supply chain in order to identify, quantify and validate the resulting financial consequences (risk, funding/liquidity and settlement)
  • Learn how the suite of supply chain finance products can be applied to meet the validated financing, risk mitigation and settlement needs of corporate clients.

For more information click here.

GTR China Trade & Commodity Finance conferfence, Shanghai, 22nd November 2016

Trade Advisory Network was excited to be attending the Shanghai conference which once again will provided a key meeting point for business leaders and experts from the Chinese trade finance community.

Exporters, importers, producers, financiers and service providers were in attendance, ready to engage in critical discussions focused on China’s trade landscape in light of the recent economic slowdown.

GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week, Singapore, 6th – 8th September 2016

Trade Advisory Network attended the 3 day Singapore conference, with a key focus on the issues facing treasurers and the corporate treasury function, as well as highlighting the exciting new developments in the fintech space and their potential impact on trade, including initiatives such as blockchain.

GTR North America Trade & Working Capital Conference, New York, 16th June 2016

Lionel Taylor was excited to join over 200 high-level business leaders to discuss key issues and challenges involved in securing business with high-growth emerging markets, as well as addressing concerns of those conducting cross border trade, with a particular emphasis on working capital priorities of exporters and importers currently operating in the region.

For more information please visit the GTR website.

GTR UK Trade & Export Finance Conference, Liverpool, 15th June 2016

John Bugeja contributed to the Liverpool conference which will provide a crucial forum for the UK’s business, government and financial sectors to meet and discuss ongoing trade priorities.

For more information please visit the GTR website.

GTR Europe Trade & Export Finance Conference, Hamburg, 12th May 2016

John Bugeja attended the Hamburg conference which is recognised as the continent’s leading gathering for European trade, export, commodity and supply chain finance professionals.

SWIFT Business Forum, London, 20th April 2016

The Business Forum London was SWIFT’s largest regional event and is now well established on London’s financial industry calendar.

For more information please visit the GTR website.

Both Lionel Taylor and John Bugeja are regularly asked to speak, moderate and chair sessions at many leading industry events